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Love your work. I keep staring at them! By the way, where the Mac from post 97744301275 from? Thanks!

Hi! Thank you! 

The Mac is by m0xxa and can be found here

Where are the counter recolors from post/89981552400/ from? Thanks!

Hi! This recolour is by engelchen @ all4Sims here

Your pictures are so beautiful! Happy I found you.

Thank you! :) Hope they will inspire you!

So many beautiful pictures! I'm so happy to have found your tumblr, I had no idea you had one.

Hello and welcome! Glad to see you here!

Hello there! Lately, I’ve been inspired by so many pics with worn oriental rugs that I couldn’t resist and made a bunch of recolours: 8 recolours of Buggybooz Sage Rug and 4 recolours of Aikea_Guinea’s Two-Tile Wall Writing, since I thought it might be useful, too. No in-game previews, except for one, sorry! Meshes included. 

Grab them here

Edit: Fixed! 

Your photos are amazing.

Thank you!